Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Also, an idea...

It would be great if, when a customer comes up or calls to ask if their hold is in, to take that opportunity to tell them they can request the item for the Drive thru and that it is listed as a separate location.

One agreement and one concern.....

First & foremost, since this blog is about ideas, excellent idea, Linda, about giving out the info at renewal time. In fact, we've been discussing it in circ supervisors meeting and they came up with the same conclusion.

Second, this is not a forum for Steph-Bob to promote her football philosophy! How wrong to put that S-word on our creative space! Shame, Steph-Bob, shame.



This is a cool idea.....way to go!

Go Steelers!!!
My idea is to give out a Borrower's Rights and Responsibilities to each customer when their card renews. Just hit the highlights about DVD rentals and fines, return to any branch and use of the bookdrops and drive thru. Any others?


Way to go, Linda!

Congrats on the idea and on creating the blog!


Glad to have you take part in my task!! This is the "fish" assignment that I received at the branch meeting. Please post your ideas anytime. You don't have to put your name down if you don't want to----if your idea is waaaaay out there!! This will be a good way to share things and we will all be able to read them. Idea away!!!!!